The Drowned Halls – Complete Rift Raid Guide

From my previous post about Rift Patch 1.5 notes, here’s a Complete Rift Raid Guide for Drowned Halls.

The Drowned halls is the Rift’s second Sliverm, a 10-man raid, a level 50 instance, and  located at Scarwood Reach. For those who haven’t tried Drowned Halls its much easier than Gilded Prophecy. Make sure before entering Drowned Halls all are fully equipped, buy desired armors with rift platinum. Buy from top sellers, look for best place to buy rift gold.

Suggested Party Build

Make at least two people capable and willing to interrupt, and maintain and interrupt rotation. Archons and Bards is one you should have especially if you have well-geared group. I do recommend to have Rogue and Mage to be a buff-bot to give you and your party enough of an edge on those fights.

The Drowned Halls Bosses to Defeat

At Start

When you and your party enter the try to make your way up the stairs and clear everything you can around the boss in the center of this open area. Make absolutely sure that while doing so you do not miss some of the patrolling packs of trash, and you’ll be fine.

After that you be facing Assault Commander Jorb.

Rift Raid:  Assault Commander Jorb

Battlewith Jorb requires one tank and your best bet is tanking him where he stands. Prepare yourself, noble tank; this fight rests almost entirely on your shoulders!

The boss does only two things, and both are prefaced by a very noticeable emote. Both will be randomly targeted at raid members, so stay alert!

First, he will announce “, stand at attention!”, and that is the scary one! On saying this he will immediately teleport this person directly in front of him and proceed to cleave a few moments later, one shooting most non-plate players.

Secondly, as a minor annoyance, he will also often call out “you cannot hide!” The targeted player will then, for a short duration be feared

Rift Raid:  Joloral Ragetide

This boss has had several viable strategies developed for it for people of varying gear levels. For the sake of reaching everyone though, we’re going to go with the “safe” strategy.

The fight will require two tanks, and I would highly recommend at least a bard. There are some minor DPS checks in here as to not get overwhelmed, a lot of stop-go kiting action for the tanks, and a lovely AoE silence focused on players for the casters to deal with.

Tank task is to pull the boss there will be a large deep one, and the boss himself. The offtank will grab the deep one, and the main tank the boss. The main tank should immediately pull the boss out of the central water (being in the water gives him a damage buff) to the left of where the raid entered, and the off-tank to the right of the pool looking from the entrance.

While the Healers will mostly be standing in the center of the room, pay attention to when the large deep one adds spawn, as this is the only time your offtank should be taking damage.

All Ranged should be staying somewhat spread out in the center pool. Keep Line of site on your mind at all times, and be prepared to switch to any and all adds that spawn quickly

Rift Raid:  Isskal

For the entire fight you will need a solid interrupt rotation of 2-3 reliable people. The spell you are interrupting is Ice Shard, which will be cast at the person with the highest threat (presumably the tank, or you have bigger problems…) the lovely little attribute of this is that he casts it entirely randomly. We have had four cast in one phase, back to back in the past. One cast after another. Other times we have gone an entire phase with only one.

Rift Raid: High Priestess Hydriss

When you defeat the previous boss and make your way down to the courtyard where Jorb previously was (Helpful hint: You can just run back through where you came instead of killing the extra annoying adds.) you’re going to see a few packs of adds worshiping the boss who is at the top of the stairs. As soon as these are engages she begins a slow decent to the bottom of the stairs. Whether these adds are dead or not she activates about the time she passes the torch on the ground near the adds. If any of our friends are still alive, she will convert them to a new type of add which can then be killed before focusing on her.

Drowned halls is really a fun and challenging raids and for exchange drops exciting equips. Just a reminder before entering Drowned Halls or any dungeon be sure you’re party is properly organize and team is fully equipped. For more detailed guide visit Rift Junkies.

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