Rift Platinum Coupon

rift platinum couponHaving a tough time with those raids? Stock up more platinum to buy best armor & weapons.

Nerfs are coming fast and hard to RIFT. In Telara, Hammerknell encounters might get dialed down to make way for the RIFT 1.5 update coming later this month.

If those nerfs aren’t enough, we’ve got your back with a tons of bonus coupon to boost your toon, please refer this specific pages below to get additional bonus gold or platinum for upto 20%.

Epictoon Coupon – 10% Bonus platinum
Guy4game Coupon –  5% platinum bonus for Rift
IGE Coupon – Like IGE facebook page to get 20% bonus platinum.

Now get advance and use the coupon to stock up on best-in-slot armor, weapons, trinkets, gems and planar essences to over gear every fight on the raiding calendar.

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