Rift Platinum Coupon – Giving away this summer!

As IGE start summer with raining of bonus gold while Epictoon start it by making the summer sizzling by giving discounts. As the summer continues, Epictoon and IGE never stop in giving bonuses and discounts.

Now Epictoon is giving a 10% Dynamite Discount for every Rift platinum you will buy, this is limited so better hurry. Check out full details about this new coupon at Epictoon Coupon.

IGE continue his kindness giving away 15% Bonus Platinum For Glory and Gear! Like Epictoon this is also limited upto midnight of July 11th, so better grab the chance and enjoy the additional 15% bonus platinum you will purchase. For IGE Coupon details visit us at riftplatreviews.com.

While Guy4game still continue their lifetime 5% bonus platinum, quite small but most of their customer do enjoy this lifetime discount. Check out more details regarding Guy4game Coupon.

Go and grab the opportunity for this rare opportunity! Send us a visit and tell it to your friends!


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