Rift Ascend a Friend Referral Program and Mechanics

While waiting for Rift Patch 1.5, there’s not so exciting but cute items  you can have by referring a friend.

You can now have the chance to have this limited items just by referring your friend to join Rift. You can recruit them through email, facebook or twitter and be reckoned with! Ask them to join RIFT free trial and when they enjoy the game and purchase, you’ll receive the following.

Rift Ascend a Friend Rewards:

Rift Ascend a Friend horse 3

Swift Ember Steed

Rift Ascend a Friend dog 1


Rift Ascend a Friend hat 2



  • Courage - a companion pet who is loyal on many levels. This is what you get when you refer a single friend.
  • If you can refer a 2nd Friend, you will get a Trailblazer’s Hat – a cowboy hat with a feather on top, use the hat as your blaze new trail.
  • Receive Swift Ember Steed if you can refer and purchase rift for 3 friends. A  hellish horse that matches the speed of the fastest steed in your mount collection.

Rift Ascend a Friend other benefits

  1. Your Ascended friends’ characters will receive the Novitiate’s Phylactery, a trinket that increases all experience gained by 5% until level 20!
  2. Your Ascended friends will earn the in-game title, “The Chosen.”
  3. Lastly, you will able to summon one another (ascend friends) once every 30 mins.
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