IGE Review

Is IGE Safe? Is IGE Scam? Should you trust IGE?

ige review


IGE is one of my top choices when buying gold even in WoW. They known for their game security and customer service and their 8 years in business is one factor why IGE still rein top virtual currency selling site.

I do read lots of review about them, some of them are bad review that’s why I rank them at No. 2. Can’t tell if this messages are planted by their competitors or a real one. To make sure, I tried their service about three times and here’s my review for IGE:

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Ease of Use

Their simple order process that you can finished in less than a minute: (1) Choose your game, (2) Choose your server/faction and (3) Choose the amount of currency.


IGE is known for ‘WoW Gold’ and for their 8 years in the business they already gain their reputation as reputable and reliable as virtual currency dealer. That’s one of the reason behind lots of negative feedback to bring them down they still at top.


On my experiment as trying their services, I ordered for about 50 Platinum before I sleep and after I went up I got my plat at my mailbox and an email telling me that my order is successfully delivered. Not bad!

Customer Service

They had a friendly Chat Support and ready anytime to assist you regarding your order status and or if you have any concerns.

Payment Options

They are available in Paypal, Click and Buy, MoneyBookers.

Other Features

- Available in different languages ( Englist, French, German and Spanish)
- Order tracking
- Facebook Fan Page
- Twitter

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Buying Rift Platinum at IGE is a great experience. Their professionalism at their work is what I really admire with them, even their price is bit higher than Epictoon or Swagvault. The price is difference is actually negligible with the type of service they offer and your account security it pay-off the price.

IGE is recommended the site if looking for buying Rift Platinum and WoW Gold.

IGE Unique Visitors

This data simply shows how many unique visitors coming to this site. IGE has an average of 29,500 visitors per month (Mar2010 – Mar2011).

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One Thought on “IGE Review

  1. I took your dare & tried Epictoons Customer Service. They advertise 27/7 but were not available. My intial impression is not good. It is eight hours after I placed my intial order and no success at solving ordering problems.

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