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Guy4Game Coupon

Guy4Game Coupon – is compilation of active coupon codes for Guy4Game! Starting 1st of July 2011, I’ll decided to compile all Guy4Game Coupon Codes for users easy access and serve this page as their No.1 Guy4Game Coupons and Discount source. If you want big discounts and great savings in buying Rift Platinum try this code below. I also made similar page for IGE Coupon and Epictoon Coupon in case your interested.

Coupon code, description/bonus, validity and prices are listed below. Note that this page will be update time to time better bookmark this page for more updates and promos.


Guy4Game- 5% Bonus for all Realms!

Guy4Game - 5% Bonus Platinum

Guy4Game is offering a 5% Bonus Rift Platinum for all realms! This is for lifetime bonus for every platinum you buy you get 5% Bonus Platinum.

Price as of Jul-01 for Rift US: Aedraxis-Defiant Server

Amount Price 5% Bonus BUY
50 Platinum $6.07 52.5 Platinum BUY
100 Platinum $11.87 105 Platinum BUY
200 Platinum $23.17 157.5 Platinum BUY
500 Platinum $57.47 525 Platinum BUY
1000 Platinum $114.37 1050 Platinum BUY
2000 Platinum $227.67 2100 Platinum BUY