Epictoon Review

Is Epictoon Safe? Is Epictoon Scam? Should you trust Epictoon?

epictoon review


I highly recommend to buy rift platinum at Epictoon.com. Epictoon is at my top list from few legit company who sell real rift platinum out of hundreds available when you google for Rift Platinum. I’ve done lots of transactions with them back in my WoW days. Now as I switched to Rift and tried their services and they still retain their reputation for me as one of my top pick virtual currency selling site.

As I tried their services for Rift, I also make some a short review and research about Epictoon that I thinks my fellow players will benefit most.

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Ease of Use

Epictoon provide visitors an 3-easy buying steps; (1) Select Game, (2) Select Server, and (3) Select Amount. In my experience its really an easy and fast to make any transaction with them, this been a relief coz no any details required and I feel more secured.


Epictoon is been in business for more than 2 years and I haven’t heard any complaints from them (please if you do, contact me asap).

Epictoon guaranteed that all transactions are safe and a money back guarantee.


I’m not actually amaze with they delivery speed coz I order 30 platinum for Aedraxis and it took me 2 hours before i  got my Plat.

Customer Service

They are available in Email and Chat Support. I dare you to try their chat support, they are native english speakers not a Chinese English.

Payment Options

They are available in Paypal, Click and Buy, MoneyBookers.

Other Features

- available in different languages ( Englist, French, German and Spanish)
- order tracking
- Facebook Fan Page
- Twitter
- Updated and well written blog

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I assure you that Epictoon is not a rip-off website and not a spam-and-scam business. Epictoon is a Pro site and a trustworthy. Their easy navigation and 3 easy-steps buying, well designed website and lots of site features make me feel secured on my first transaction. We highly recommend buying rift platinum at Epictoon.

Epictoon Unique Visitors

This data simply shows how many unique visitors coming to this site. Epictoon has an average of 4.5k visitors per month for the month of Mar2010 – Mar2011.


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One Thought on “Epictoon Review

  1. I took your dare & tried Epictoons Customer Service. They advertise 27/7 but were not available. My intial impression is not good. It is eight hours after I placed my intial order and no success at solving ordering problems.

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