15% Bonus and Discount for Rift Platinum

rift platinum summer endsThe summer is going to end however the heat continues to be up by giving away bonuses and discount from Top Rift selling company; Epictoon, IGE and Guy4game for all those Rift players. Perfect chances to hoard for additional platinum even though the price is low because expect big changes in prices as the summer ends.

Today Epictoon is giving out a 15% BONUS for each and every Rift Platinum. So if you intend to buy Rift Platinum, take this opportunity while the coupon is up coz this may last for little while only. Have more time with friends and guild raid activities coz you might stop for a bit your never ending grinding for platinum and enjoy Epictoon 15% bonus platinum. Click here, for more information regarding Epictoon coupon.

Same goes with IGE, they bring back the 10% discount for every Rift Platinum you’ll buy. Because the public demand, IGE grant their customer wishes for those who desire to go ahead and take last shop before the summer ends. Click here, for discounted price and IGE Coupon details.

For Guy4game, they still keep their 5% bonus for their loyal customer Rift customers.

For first time buyers and confuse which of the three you may choose, check our reviews at Rift Platinum Reviews – companies are graded in accordance with their price, services, and security.

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